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FOAM Spray (VMD)

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Main Features:
High dimensional stability (no shrinkage or post expansion)
Great filling capacity
Excellent mounting properties
High insulation value, thermal and acoustic.

Assembly and insulation of door and window frames
Insulating pipelines and filling their passages
Filling joints and installing electrical cables
Bonding and insulating panels, corrugated iron roof tiles, etc.

Super high yield formulation to achieve large running metres and filling capacities
Self-expanding to easily fill up large gaps and cavities
Open-cell technology for faster curing times, better insulation, and higher strength
Excellent dimensional stability means no excessive curing and post-expansion pressure
Will not shrink or collapse
Can even be used as an insulating adhesive for mounting and bonding
Superb shelf-life with little degradation of performance after storage
Made in Italy by the one of the world’s largest PU foam manufacturers