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Hydra Sealant Waterproof Agent (Free Brush)

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Product Description:

Hydra Sealant waterproof agent is a high quality premium transparent paint that provides waterproof protection to concrete walls, ceramic tiles, PVC pipes and other surfaces. It’s revolutionary Hydro shield technology bridges cracks and covers the surface with a flexible film, preventing water seepage. It also protects the surface against alkali, algae and fungus attacks.


  • Non - toxic, non-fl ammable and user friendly
  • Provides a tough, impermeable waterproof membrane
  • Can be applied by brush, on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces
  • Protects concrete and mortar from natural elements such as wind, rain, sunlight
  • Breathable - allows inside water vapour to escape

    How to Apply:

    Apply 2-3 coats of Hydra Sealant waterproof agent with 4-6 hours interval between coats