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Waterproof Leak Repair Spray 500ml

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-This waterproof spray leak sealer is with non-component self-spraying and waterproof film.

- It can repair waterproof construction pipe root, pipe mouth, corner, crack, slot which have small splits.

- It is suitable for narrow complex space which cannot be brushed by brush tools.

- This product has unique anti-corrosion and anti-rust feature.

Used for indoor and outdoor concrete structures, prefabricated concrete structures, cement plastering, brick walls and other base surfaces of the building floor; waterproofing works around drainage pipes, tunnels, toilets, and waterproofing and anti-corrosive construction of stone and metal pipes.

Features & Benefits
1. Easy to use, portable, aerosols spray;
2. Stays flexible and pliable;
3. Service life can be many years;
4. Adapt to a variety of climates, anti-freezing and sun-proof without cracking;
5. After completely dry, it can be painted any color.

Instruction of Use
1. Make sure the surface is clean, dry, and free of grease, oil, and dirt; and no loose structure.
2. The width of spraying on the construction surface is not less than 15cm;
3. The joints can be covered with non-woven or polyester cloth for re-reinforcement spraying;
4. Shake about 1-2minutes before spraying. When spraying, keep the aerosol can upright and the angle with the horizontal plane
must not be less than 45 degrees;
5.To wait 1 hour for curing after each spraying, and then continue spraying again, and so on.
6. Ensure that no water enters within 24 hours after construction.
7. It is recommended to cover the cracks and extend the spraying width by about 15-30cm, so as to easily cover the invisible water
seepage point. It is recommended to cover the area where it is not sprayed with newspaper or film;

1. For unknown materials, please test spray on a small area first, and use it if there is no adverse reaction after 10 minutes;
2. To wear gloves before using it. The recommend construction temperature is 5-30 centigrade degrees;
3. During construction, please ventilate, and face the back side for construction. The base surface is dry and dust-free, which is
conducive to the coating effect. Please do not apply in rainy or severe cold environments;
4. Where the gap is greater than 2mm, it needs to be filled first.
5. Keep far away from children!

Emergency Handling
1. In case of contact with eyes, flush immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
2. In case of ingestion, induce vomiting immediately and seek medical advice.
3. If contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water and soap.
4. In case of inhalation, remove immediately to fresh air. If not better, seek medical advice.

Handling of Empty Cans
1. Before discarding, please spray the residue gas and content into waste carton, make sure the can is completely emptied.
2. If necessary condition, open the can and clean it.

Storage & Shelf life
1. The product is flammable. Store in the cool and dry place at 0-40 centigrade degrees, far away from heat sources and open
flames, and strictly prohibit exposure to the sun, puncture or incineration of the jar;
2. Shelf life: 12months.